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Enable us to rename Part Automation tabs

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asked Jun 25, 2019 in Editing by robertcorrington (830 points)

Hey guys,
Please enable me to rename Part Automation tabs.

When I add snaps, claps, or tambourines to a song, I often use two or three different samples in order to provide a bit of sonic variety and realism.  I add the samples to Impact so I can easily tweak and invoke them via MIDI tracks.

Because I want their pitches vary during the song, I use Part Automation to tweak each sample’s Tune +/- 60 cts.  For example, on the first beat, Clap1 might have a -43 cts Tune, while on the third beat, I might change the Tune to +63 cts.  On the second beat, Clap2 might have a +15 cts Tune and one forth beat +56 cts.  

To do this, I create multiple Part Automations, one for each pad to control the sample’s Tune.  

The problem is… now I have multiple “Sample - Tune” tabs in my Edit window (see screenshot below).  As a result, I often make hand written notes to help me remember which pad goes with which Part Automation tab. It’s very annoying and sometimes, very confusing.  

Please enable me rename the Part Automation tabs in the Edit windows. In this case, I’d name the first tab “Clap1 Tune” and the second tab “Clap2 Tune.”


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