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SampleOne XT - Loop Start and End Automation

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asked May 31, 2020 in Studio One 6 by nadimshaikh (310 points)
recategorized Apr 18, 2023 by Fabian Kiesewetter
There is no Loop Start and End Automation Features in Studio One.

Automating Loop start and end to create lots of effects and is widely used in Electronic Music and should be included in another Update.

I came back from FL Studio and its Directwave sampler has this loop start and end automation feature. I have to use 3rd party sampler like TAL Sampler in studio one to automate any sample shot loop start and end point.

I just love studio one SampleOne and would love to see this feature.

4 Answers

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answered Jan 7, 2021 by nametearakelian (330 points)
Very useful feature...every DAW has this in their samplers. Just when i thought i like Sample One...i realized i can`t automate the sample loop end...
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answered May 26, 2021 by valentinosciacca1 (8,340 points)
That seems a great idea! Just voted it! :)
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answered Jun 27, 2022 by adrienperinot (460 points)
Must have functionality indeed. It's really useful to modulate these parameters. I think SampleOne should have a modulation matrix. It's not that complicated to develop IMHO, and would really be useful for electronic music. I wish I could upvote this 1000 times lol
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answered Mar 3 by sylent1one (510 points)
Yes this is very important to make tech house sound