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Mic gain problems on Studio 24... can't measure using Sonarworks as as result

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asked Jun 29, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by greggarrett (140 points)
recategorized Jul 1, 2019 by greggarrett

I have a self built computer, just a kinda old AMD Piledriver configuration on Windows 7 x64 Home. It still works and I haven't had any problems with it.

I recently bought Sonarworks and tried to measure my speakers with their mic through my Studio 24. I can't even get past the first step of the process (setting the gain for the mic) because even when setting my Studio 24's mic gain to the maximum, it's still not enough for the program.  I've tried both slots and yes, I have phantom power on. I've done all the basic troubleshooting that's required of it.

There is pretty much no signal until the gain is at 90% or higher, which is ridiculous, because then you have no space to work with or additional gain if you need it. This cannot be normal. Can I get another device or somebody to chime in about their experience calibrating with Sonarworks? I shouldn't have to set the gain on this mic to maximum and then still not have enough.

Here are two videos showing what it's doing at max gain:

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answered Aug 23, 2019 by danielbuitron1 (300 points)
I just bought a studio 24 about two days ago and i'm noticing a similar issue, if it is even an issue or the interface is just like this. I have to have the input volume essentially ALL the way up to get a usable level and even then it's still not loud enough. My old Audiobox 22VSL gets significantly louder than my new Studio 24 does right now. Whats the issue? I was thinking I had my -10db pad switch on on my audio technica mic, but nope, it really just is that quiet.