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Can you recommend any midi-interfaces that are compatible with Studio One Pro, such as Jamstix?

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asked Nov 21, 2016 in Studio One 3 by davidzachary (150 points)
I am looking to get a midi interface for recording tracks and writing notation. I have a Martin D35 and prefer not to buy a midi guitar. Have reviewed ACPAD and Jamstik. Not sure if these units will communicate with my Studio One Pro.

I would like to use some sort of interface like ACPAD, so I can play the Martin with a natural feeling.

My Systems:

- Dell T1600 3.0 Ghz Quad-core, 16 Gb ram, Windows 7 Pro,

- iPad Pro 9.7" - considering Progression for this unit

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answered Apr 26, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,390 points)
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There are lots of good midi controllers to chose from but from looking over it's product page the ACPAD looks like a fine choice for your use case.  It connects via USB so it should work fine with Studio One.

Jamstix has some special compatibility notes for Window, and may not work with Studio One.