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Can the presonus 16r be directly connected to a laptop

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asked Jul 7, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by briankeithly (250 points)
I was wondering if I could use a presonus StudioLive 16r in the same manner as I would use any of there other "interfaces".

By that can I connect it to studione via my laptop, and then manage it with the IPAD apps and the laptop itself?    Would be even cooler if I could still use my fader port with it.

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answered Jul 7, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,460 points)
Yes, the 16R is an 18x18 USB recording interface. Studio One has a template for this mixer, so you can pretty fast be ready for recording. For using UC Surface and Studio One Remote you need a router. Remember to always let the router boot fully before you start the mixer. UC Surface on a laptop does NOT need the wireless network. I works via USB.

Faderport is a controller for Studio One, not the StudioLive mixers. I suppose you can use them as a tandem, but interface is interface and DAW is DAW. The rack mixers have no DAW mode like the consoles have. That really is the next step in bringing both worlds together.
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answered Jul 7, 2019 by briankeithly (250 points)
Thanks for the update.   I asked a similiar qquestion a few minutes ago.   My goal here is I am trying to decide on a new interface.   I need 16 inputs, but I really like the ease of use of the fader port as well.   I can't afford a Series III mixer so I am kind of stuck.   I was considering a classic studiolive, and then using my classic fader port with it.   However I might go for a fader port 8 as well...
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answered Jul 7, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,460 points)
Everything depends on what YOU need. It's difficult to give advice when you don't really know the needs. A 16R would be a 16 input channel interface, but the 18x18 USB configuration might be limiting.

I understand that a console costs some money, but the SL 16 is now being sold out (price reduction) and there will be more chances to get the mixer second hand. The SL 32SC has less features than the SL 16, it is not "better"! A SL 16 would give you faders and control about everything you do, it has 10 flex mixes and it has the awesome DAW mode. For small studios or musicians working on a project a SL 16 is a better solution than any of the Faderports...