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1820 interface @ 192khz. Will it actually go up to 96khz for ultrasonic recording?

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asked Jul 7, 2019 in AudioBox USB by Aaron Brown (120 points)
I do a lot of sound effects recording at 192 khz. I see this unit has specs to run at 192, but I saw the limit on the line input to be 20khz. I'm wondering if that is where they are measured to be linear or if that's a cut off. Ultrasonic recording often shows issues in gear people don't discover unless recording using 8040 and Sanken microphones, which I plan to do a lot of.

If anyone can run a test at 192khz with something like the mkh 8040 or sanken and report back how well it reproduces transients up to 96khz it would convince me to buy this unit :)

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