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Studio One 4 @ 96kHz plugin issue.

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asked Jun 8, 2018 in Studio One 4 by rafaelvillafane (550 points)

Hi, we're trying to migrate from Protools to Studio One 4. 

Currently using an Antelope Studio HD for a remote rig, clocked to a Grimm CC2 @96khz with a smallish session (maybe 30-40 tracks), plugins by Waves, Izotope, Console 1, (UAD-2 Octo isn’t an issue. Plenty of room for plugs there and it doesn’t hit the CPU at all).

Antelope Orion Studio HD and Studio One 4 are stable and all is fine there.

The problem is that both, a MacPro 12 core w/64GB RAM(current model), and a MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2015, 4 core w/16GB RAM choke at exactly the same time, with the same session on both, internal or external SSDs, which leads us to believe that the number of Cores or RAM on the machine have little to do with plugin integration. 

Just purchased a 12 core Apple Cylinder thinking it would solve the DSP problem, but both MacPro and MacBook Pro choke at exactly the same time, so we're wondering how people navigate mix sessions on Studio One. If there’s no other way we’ll have to stay on PT/HDX, but we love Studio One + Console 1 so we're doing everything to avoid that.

Tracking is not a problem. The problem only arises while mixing smallish track counts (between 30 and 40) with plugs. I can understand the laptop choking, but a current Apple 12 Core 64GB RAM? Have tried different buffer settings, 64 bit, 32 bit, internal and external drives (external drive read/writes at over 350MB/sec), changing the preferences every which way, and the 12 core still performs no better than a 4 core Macbook Pro. The plugin that's the biggest hog is Waves Abbey Road Plates. Just one instance makes the CPU (on both Macbook and 12 core Mac Pro) go from about 40% to full drop-out limit.

Sorry for the long post but we're at the end of our rope!

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