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Creating an Aggregate device on Mac using Series 3 Mixer and another Presonus interface with HIz input

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asked Jul 10, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by pappatoad (380 points)
Has anyone tried to create an aggregate device on a mac using a series 3 mixer and another Presonus device in order to get a HiZ input for recording? I recently tried it with my series 3 16 channel mixer and the IK Axe/IO. I was able to create an aggregate device with both and see all of the inputs and outputs, but the latency was atrocious when trying to use the HiZ input of the Axe/IO via USB assigned as input 66 along with the Series 3. Basically I have both the series 3 and axe/io connected usb, the aggregate device created so that all inputs and outputs are combined. Studio One v4.5 is the DAW with the setup for the song showing all ins and outs of the aggregate device. The HiZ input 1 from the axe/io was listed as the input #66 in the setup and I could hear the guitar both direct when tested and also using the IK plugins for guitar. But when I add another track to an existing song and use that input 66 the latency is so bad it is like an echo. I play the guitar and it is such a delay that when it plays back through the daw and is heard, it is as an echo... I would say almost a full half second after playing.

Just curious if anyone else has tried this idea or not.


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