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One Notion file will not play.

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asked Apr 11, 2019 in Notion by joshuamanuel (170 points)
Hi Notion support,

I was working on a song today when it suddenly stopped playing back to me. I hit spacebar to play like I normally do and I got no response. Next I tried clicking the play button with still no response. I checked that the keyboard still works and it does (other commands work just as well) and other songs play with no problem or delay. I also tried restarting Notion and even my device, but with no change in results.

Do you have some idea what is wrong or how to fix it? I could probably just copy and paste to a new file and replace it but I would prefer to prevent this freezing from happening again.

Thank you for your time and help,

Josh Manuel

1 Answer

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answered Oct 26, 2019 by nigelpendrey (290 points)
The same happened to me. A file I was working on just refused to play when others would. When saved and reopened it refused to play in either Notion 5 or Notion 6.

I simply cut and pasted each part into a new file and sound was restored.