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I cannot get any sound out of Notion 6.

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asked Dec 28, 2016 in Notion by (160 points)

I cannot get any sound out of Notion: I have been through all the preferences for sound output, the only ones that show an output in the sound meter are the ASIO ones, but sound is not getting through to my speakers. I would prefer to use the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC that is on my computer. Using Windows default does not work. I am using the demo file 'Dad Rock'.

All sounds files (.prox) are in C:\Program Files\Notion 6\Sounds\Bundled.

The Windows mixer is showing that it is aware of Notion 6 with volume full on.

Computer: Lenovo laptop with Windows 10, 12GB ram, with Intel CORE i7 processor, Notion 6.

Studio One 3 works OK for sound, using internal speakers.

Geoff Potter

PS Please remove the apostrophes in the word it's that you have used at the top of the page!

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answered Jan 2, 2017 by kerrykobashi1 (430 points)
Make sure your Sounds path exactly matches the physical location of where you installed all your .PROX files

Assume you installed Notion 6 here:
C:\Notion 6

Then put all your PROX files here (no sub folders):
C:\Notion 6\Sounds

The Sounds path in the Preferences should be set to:
C:\Notion 6\Sounds

The above works for me when I play all the Demo files