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How do I record the effects only, which can then become its own audio file.

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asked Jul 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by denial repeater (180 points)
Could someone please point me in the right direction.
I would like to record the effects chain  only so I can use the recorded audio that came from using the effects  on its own channel with automation etc.
So I am after the audio that say the delay and bitcrusher produce but not the actual audio/MIDI used to create the effects coming from it.

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answered Jul 26, 2019 by matthewritenburg (15,590 points)

One way to do it (there's always more than one way):

  1. Create an FX channel
  2. Insert all the plugins you want to use in the chain in the FX channel
  3. Route your audio track to the FX channel
  4. Choose Song->Export Stems
  5. In the stem export window, uncheck all channels except the FX channel
  6. Export the stem
  7. You now have an audio file that only contains the output of the FX channel