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ATOM not recording midi notes/ keyboard mode not working

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asked Aug 3, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by judewaguespack (160 points)
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I'm trying to record both a drum beat and some synth using the ATOM pads. I have two problems. First, when I press record I can hear the notes I'm playing, but nothing is recorded. Second, the ATOM keyboard mode (where it should automatically change the pad colors to represent sharps and flats) is not working either.

I have the latest version of Studio One Artist, on Win 10 x64.

EDIT: I also have the latest 3.0 firmware for Universal Control

Any help is greatly appreciated.

FINAL EDIT: After talking with Presonus Tech Support I got it working. Here's a copy/paste of what got it working. Shout out to Landen Sevario for the help

3. It is recommended that you delete your Studio One settings files.
a)  Go to Help>Open Settings folder.

b)  Copy the contents of the folder over to a folder on your desktop. 

c)  Close S1 and delete the contents of the settings folder with the exception of the user.license file as well as the "Extensions" folder. 

d)  Open S1 and go to Studio One>Options (Preferences on a Mac) to reconfigure your settings. 

e)  Test to see if the problem is resolved.  If it is not, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup that you created in step 2.  

*If you are missing presets or Sound Sets after doing this, simply double-click one of your Sound Sets under Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets.

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answered Aug 3, 2019 by piggysm (1,150 points)
ATOM seems not function well with StudioOne 4.5.2

I have some issues here too. No color change, Every switch I have to tap twice to make it work.
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answered Aug 4, 2019 by torbjrnbergman (290 points)
And you have the latest version of Universal control with the 3.0 Firmware for  Atom ?
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answered Nov 10, 2019 by garrykiosk (680 points)
Unfortunately I am having the same issues exactly and although I tried the remedy you helpfully posted, it did not work for me. I did manage to restore my settings by replacing the backed up files, but this still leaves me with a new ATOM I am totally unable to record with, I am upto daye (as of 10th Nov 2019) with latest vers of S1 v4 Pro, UC and ATOM firmware. Very frustrating to say the least. I have raised a ticket and If it does get sorted I will also report back here if it helps anyone else.I'm pleased you got it sorted.
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answered Nov 14, 2019 by colinbarratt (140 points)
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Like you, I can hear the notes / drums but when I come to record, there is no signal. I've tried the suggestion you made but still no luck. It seems that several folks are having the same issue, I look forward to an easy fix.

Note: I have a MIDI keyboard which works fine - (yes, I have selected ATOM when I am using Instruments) However, there is no level coming out of the ATOM into S1

I'm using a PC with Windows 10. All drivers & versions are up to date.
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answered Nov 17, 2019 by denniscruz (140 points)
Hey, just got our Atom yesterday and are having the same issues of not being able to record but, everything else works flawlessly. Was anyone able to figure out a for sure fix to this?
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answered Dec 11, 2019 by tomaszkorzeniowski (250 points)
Thank You for info. It helped to me :D
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answered Jan 4, 2020 by philippeback (190 points)
Got the same issue with  4.6 pro.

I did not delete all the files/folders but only a few.

I think that surfacedata and User Devices and MusicDevices.settings removal was sufficient.

Anyway, annoying!