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Transform up to an insert point

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asked Aug 4, 2019 in Editing by daveplumb (1,500 points)
It would be amazing to be able to freeze / transform a track up to a plugin insert point - in pro tools using the commit track you can right click on a plugin in a chain and commit up to that plugin - leaving the ones after in in tact:

EG: On vocal track you have a pre-amp and an eq, you’re happy with the pre-amp and would like to freeze it to free up resource but keep the eq for tweaking, so you commit / render / freeze / transform the track only up to the pre-amp, it bounces it and leaves the eq in tact for tweaking after..

this would be awesome for workflow and allow to freeze things as I go along rather than waiting until I’m ready for all the plugins on that track to be committed.

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