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Create a steeo headphone mix out of aux on 16.0.2

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asked Jan 9, 2016 in Classic Mixers by stevendorand (170 points)
Using the 16.0.2 how do I make a stereo mix from the aux channels.   I can't seem to figure how to link aux channels to make a stereo

mix while recording for the musicians to headphones in stereo.  Want to put bass in one side for bass player to hear him himself over the stereo mix.

Is the Aux a stereo cable? Do I run a stereo cble out of AUX one to the two inputs on my Presonus HP4?




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answered Jan 17, 2016 by Jon T (5,930 points)
The Auxes are Mono balanced connections.

Each one is a single channel.  So you'll need two for a stereo mix.

To create a stereo Aux. Select one of the two auxes and press the link button.then the mix button on the odd numbered Aux.

Create and pan your mix.

Then connect to the L and R ins on the HP4.