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I have a 16.0.2 studio Live but when I power on and I zero out the board I have no input level on any channel?

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asked Mar 5, 2018 in Classic Mixers by iansheppard (140 points)
I have had this problem before and resolved it by plugging the firewire cable back into it and connecting to my computer. However, since then my computer died and as I have not been able to plug my firewire out into anything I figure this must be a different problem. So sick of turning on the mixer to find it fully functional except for any input or out put levels.

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answered Mar 7, 2018 by luccrispin (1,140 points)
selected Jun 25, 2018 by benpierce
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Are you using the "zero out" feature under the Scenes menu? What happens if you just power off your mixer and then power it back on, does your input levels return to the levels that they were before you shut down your mixer? I know that on my 16.4.2 AI mixer that I had before and my new SL 16 Series 3 mixer when you activate the "zero out" feature under the Scenes menu by default everything on your board is reset including your input levels.