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Has anyone used an ASRock Z390 Motherboard in build for the Quantum or Quantum 2?

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asked Aug 10 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by adamdryden (150 points)
I am looking to build a computer for a friend with the primary use of recording audio using either the Quantum or Quantum 2 device (he has not purchased it yet). Just wondering if anyone has experience with this motherboard (am looking at the ITX version). It is thunderbolt 3 and I understand we will need the Startech thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter as well. Thanks in advance!

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answered Aug 21 by butchrichard (131,070 points)
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The ASRock Z390 is ThunderBolt compliant and the Quantum is fully Thunderbolt certified.

It is recommended to use StarTech brand ThunderBolt adapters and or cables with PC computers.

Apple brand with Apple computers.

Just make sure that you fully update your computer with all Windows 10 updates and all Z390 system BIOS, ThunderBolt, firmware and chipset drivers.

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answered Oct 7 by chrishagerman (140 points)
I have this motherboard and it still requires you to purchase the Gigabyte Thunderbolt addon card as the interface will not natively work in the motherboards TB 3.0 ports.  The add-in cards are on amazon and are called either GC-Titan Ridge or GC-Alpine Ridge.  This will go into a PCIE slot the you will need to connect the internal TB data cable from the GC add in card to the TB header on the motherboard(check manual for location).  Hope this helps!