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Update a stored Channel Preset with new Changes

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asked Aug 11 in StudioLive Series III by (150 points)
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I store my different Channel settings to preset named for instrument/Mic. When i do changes to a Channel and want to update the preset used for this channel, i clic on this preset and choose save, but this creates a new preset with the same name. I asumed i could use the same method for update preset as i update a scene.

Is it not possible to update or is it something i do wrong?

Hi Jonny, thanks, saving as a new preset it how i have solved it, but i felt this is not so effective, i have to remove the previous versjon as well.

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answered Aug 16 by jonnydoyle (207,520 points)
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When you create a new setting for a preset, save it as a new preset. Simples.
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answered Aug 11 by wahlerstudios (71,560 points)
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What you see is what you get... ;-) A second preset with the same name shows up. The UC Surface manual does not tell anything about overwriting existing Fat Channel presets. Only PreSonus knows why this is handled different in comparison to projects/scenes. This might be worth a feature request, but it willl probably not get many votes...