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Noises through monitors using AudioBox usb

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asked Oct 27, 2019 in AudioBox USB by dmitrybabanov (120 points)
Hi everyone! I faced with this problem using Audiobox 96 usb: recently I've bought a pair of KRK monitors and connected them with the sound interface. Monitors are powered separately from a computer. But oftern I hear pop-sounds through them when I launch a new application on my Windows or even a static buzzing sound of unknown origin (only once I heard this). I use balanced cables Jack-xlr with one end unshielded. The sound from phones output is very clean. I tried Roland Rubix22 instead of Presonus and the problem was fixed! Without "ground lift" option which it includes. Also I hear pops everytime I turn on and off a lamp, but it doesn't have any grounding and is powered from different socket at the end of a room. So, I'd be glad to hear anything from you, because I'm completely stucked with this. Hope, the problem can be solved...

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answered Nov 21, 2019 by brettgarrett1 (140 points)
I have the same problem.

Replaced a Native Instruments USB audio with AudioBox USB 96 and now I have this happening.

This seems to be at some sort of startup. It even happens when I scroll down a Pinterest page for example and one of the posts has a video in it.

not happy