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when i unplug my headphones on my mac while the song is playing restart the song but cant press play

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asked Aug 28, 2019 in Studio One 4 by charlieurmomgay (200 points)
while im playing a song if i unplug then replug in a aux cord (switching from headphones to speakers) presonus seems to freeze for a second then just stop. i can double click the stop button on the bottom to take the song to the start but cant press play.

this has happened a few times and happened no to long ago. when it happened recently it wouldn't allow me to force quit the application on my mac and when i re-opened it it said that there's no audio device connected down in the bottom left corner (it showed the symbol) i did some research and found out that u need a special box thing if ur using windows but im using a mac. now presonus studio wont let me play any songs at all because of this issue

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