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I have no output on either headphone output studio 1824

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asked Aug 31, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by waltergradek (150 points)
I seem to have no output in my headphone jacks studio 1824.

 I can see the mic level on the led.  I can hook it up to my Bose speaker and hear nothing on on main out  - and no headphones output.  I know the headphones work.  

I have tried w Mac hooked up w studio one or garage band.   I’ve changed audio out to the 1824.  I’ve tried everything.  And I get no headphone out.  Volume for each of two headphone jacks is all the way up.  

Main output is volume up

It seems like I need to do something software wise to get these outputs on????

Or is my 1824 not working   


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answered Apr 6 by samuelcowell (300 points)
I'm having a similar issue with my 1824. Headphone output 2 working with outputs 1&2, but output 1 is cutting in and out on the left speaker. When I turn the volume knob up beyond 50%, the sound is stable. Hoping someone might be able to drop some knowledge.