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4.5.3 crash on startup

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asked Sep 4 in Studio One 4 by guillaumelanglais (840 points)
edited Sep 4 by guillaumelanglais

Studio One crash on startup after update on all my computers.

Thx for your help

I have test the Update download and test to download the app in my products.

Same issue with 2 methods.

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answered Sep 4 by dmitrykuvalin (780 points)
I have the same problem. MacBook Pro 2019.
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answered Sep 4 by spiral (1,130 points)
Same here. Also MacBook Pro.
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answered Sep 4 by Oberman (140 points)
same here, also macbook
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answered Sep 4 by andreybalabukha (150 points)
Same here. Imac 2019
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answered Sep 5 by guillaumelanglais (840 points)
For me, iMac Pro 2017
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answered Sep 5 by dalecorbett (150 points)
This is annoying, how do i revert to older version? unabe to work. Need previous version dmg to reinstall SMH!!!!
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answered Sep 5 by simonkang (250 points)
same problem...
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answered Sep 5 by mikamoupondo (140 points)
I am experiencing the same problem, already downgraded untill it gets fixed.

I am getting warnings on the log about UID conflict on class register on a lot of plugins. It must be either a bug or we need updates to our plugins.

It sucks anyhow... I was pumped!
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answered Sep 6 by guillaumelanglais (840 points)

move your folder: User/Libary/Application support/PresonusSoftware/Studio One 4

to desktop (or else)

Then start SO 4.5.3

Remake your settings. Some of them can be recovered from the folder placed on desktop.