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Why, during startup, does studio one 5 crash when Melodyne starts loading?

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asked Jul 13 in Studio One 5 by joshronen (270 points)
When I open an existing project on my mac, I get through most of the loading process, then Melodyne starts loading and crashes at 70% every time. I've updated Melodyne to 5 and Studio One 5 to it's most recent Version. This happened with Studio One 4 too. Is there any solution to this?

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answered Jul 13 by AlexTinsley (902,800 points)
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To use Melodyne in Studio One 5, you MUST be upgraded to Melodyne 5. 

Please review this article to resolve your issue:

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answered Jul 13 by joshronen (270 points)
I am updated to Melodyne 5. I have Melodyne 5 Studio. It still crashes at 70% loading. It happens in projects that I have already tuned the vocals in.
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answered Oct 7 by danielpalm (610 points)
I have exactly the same problem, but with Melodyne 4 Studio. It crashes in both S1 4.5.6 and S1 5. And always after I've started editing.

When i turn off ARA support in preferences it doesn't crash but then i cant use ARA so thats a terrible option. This is obviously a bug, are Presonus aware of it?