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Can someone help me to create a Flex Mix?

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asked Sep 8 in StudioLive Series III by pablofuente (310 points)


I've read this article but I have no clue on how to create Flex Mixes.

  • Using FlexMix 1, we'll create a mix minus for the Skype caller to hear. By default, every FlexMix is configured as an aux mix. Can someone explain??

Step 1: Create a Mix Minus

After you've gain staged your microphones, select FlexMix 1 on the digital mixer and create a blend of the four microphones to taste.

Thanks for your help!!

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answered Sep 12 by jonnydoyle (196,480 points)
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"Flex Mix" means that the 16 aux mixes of your SL 16 mixer can be either Aux, Subgroup or Matrix Mix. By default they are set to Aux and Pre1. The SL 16 has 10 physical mix outputs for the flex mixes, but internally there are 16 flex mixes available via USB and AVB.

By the way, this "Technical Article" might answer some, if not all of your questions: