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Can a Flex Mix button be temporarily disabled when not used during a project/scene for live sound events?

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asked Feb 7 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by robertweston2 (4,860 points)
It would be nice if an Aux/Sub/Matrix button (Flex Mix buttons) could be temporarily disabled if it was not needed for a particular act.  For example, I am live mixing an event and have 4 Aux mixes for monitors (Aux 1,2,3,4).  Due to my hand placement on the console (during mixing), the palm of my hand inadvertently presses one of the lower Flex Mix buttons (which is not being used) causing me to temporarily lose the FOH fader positions (due to the layer change) resulting in me to assess what happened and how to get back to where I was before the interruption.

Perhaps have a configuration option on the touch screen (similar to Talk Back) that allows us to select which Flex Mix buttons to disable for a particular event, or scene, leaving the other buttons enabled by default.  The selections could be saved with the scene.  And just like Talk Back, if we needed to enable more buttons for the act, the modification would be easy (just like Talk Back).

Thank you for your consideration.

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