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Where in the Mac OSX file system is "Artist Profile" Stored?

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asked Sep 11, 2019 in Studio One 4 by chrisdenby2 (120 points)
I'm working at setting up Studio One along with a StudioLive24 and SL16R for an educational institution. I have S1Pro 4 and a single Mac computer.

My plan is to create Restricted Mac users. I'm working at making sure that all of the plugins and vsts, etc are available globally, but one of the things that is happening is that the "Artist Profile" field is defaulting to the license holder, when I'd like it to be each student who sits to record at the computer. I'm having a hard time finding an easy way to make that happen because I can't seem to locate where that information is stored.

If there are any additional hints as to how to best set up StudioOne in this type of environment, I'm all ears.


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