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has anyone been able to get a roland fa-08 to work with studio one

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asked Sep 11, 2019 in Studio One 4 by miltontitus (150 points)
Looking to buy this keyboard, have had problems with Roland mapping in the past,

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answered Sep 12, 2019 by Jamesrhone1 (199,730 points)
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You can manually setup just about any external MIDI device with Studio One. Here are general but detailed instructions on how to do this:

Please read these articles for setting up External MIDI Devices with Studio One 4. The following information is general setup info for using external keyboards and modules that have built in sounds, as well as the basic connections to make the keyboards control instruments in Studio One. This section refers to Studio One > Options > External Devices:

If any of your keyboards have built in sounds you want to use with Studio One, make sure that keyboard is set to external MIDI clock. Studio One has to be the master MIDI clock in all scenarios.

1. For the piano keys, drum pads, or any device that sends MIDI NOTE messages, you will need to:

A. Create a New Keyboard, with the MIDI "Receive From" assigned to the MIDI port the device is connected to, but you don't need the MIDI "Send To."

B. Don't check any of the MIDI filters, only check filters if you want block a certain MIDI message.

C. MIDI CC's do not work on this setup.

You will need to do this for each keyboard so the piano keys can control either instruments in Studio One, or to play sounds on external devices that have built in sounds. One thing to keep in mind, when you want this keyboard to control instruments in Studio One, you will need to that keyboards "local control" off.

2. To use the built-in Sounds of a external keyboard, you will need to create a New Instrument with the MIDI "Send To" set to your keyboard MIDI port. Check all the MIDI clock options. This is so when you add a track in Studio One this track can be set to send MIDI out to the external device.

3. To use the surface controls(transport, faders, buttons) of your MIDI device if it has them, you will need to Create a New Control Surface with the MIDI Receive From assigned to the MIDI port the device is connected to. This only works for MIDI CC"s.

4. Make sure if using an external keyboard with sounds, that the boards audio outputs are connected to the computers audio interface and routed into Studio One so you can monitor and bounce down audio.

Then check out this article on setting up to record using an External Device: Setting up to record with an External MIDI Device Studio One: 

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answered Sep 13, 2019 by clarencehawks (230 points)
Just letting you know that Yes my Roland FA-08  works perfectly with studio one. Just follow the instructions of the other answer on how to set it up