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Anyone able to get the ioStation 24c to work with Reaper DAW on Windows?

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asked May 2, 2020 in ioStation24c by jimmyfilippone (150 points)
Hey Guys.  Anyone been able to get the ioStation 24c to work with all it's features with the Reaper DAW?  Windows 10.  Nothing really on it on the Reaper forums.  Even here on the PreSonus site, not even a category to choose it.  It's technically not a Faderport series is it?

I'm able to get some of the basic transport stuff going (record-play-rewind-volume).  But can not get any of the buttons nor the jog wheel to do anything at all.  As far as the control surface options in Reaper, tried the following with zero luck - Mackie Control Extender, Mackie Control Universal, PreSonus Fader Port, PresSonus Fader Port v2 (2018).

Also, have the unit set up for 24 bit @ 96khz, Reaper set up the same.  Clicking like crazy.  Getting pretty discouraged and would had to send back to Amazon.  Is there .dll to retrieve somewhere?  I'm finding zero stuff any forums for this device.

Thanks for anything you can send my way!


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answered Jun 18, 2020 by DominicB (17,160 points)
edited Jun 18, 2020 by DominicB
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The ioStation 24c can be used in Reaper as both an audio interface and a control surface. 

To set this up, first make sure the ioStation is in the "Native" mode. 

To do this: 

1. ) Make sure the ioStation 24c is powered off first. 

2.) Press and hold the "Next" button while powering on the ioStation 24c  A few buttons should be flashing.

3.) Now press the flashing "Solo" button to choose the "Native" operation mode. 

This is also listed in the manual. 

To setup in Reaper after choosing the "Native" operation mode: 

1.) Go to the Reaper Preferences.

2.) Now select the "Control/OSC/web" category as pictured below. 

3.) Now click "Add" to add a control protocol to use. 

4.) You should now select the "PreSonus FaderPort FP2" protocol to use. 

5.) Now choose the MIDI device ports of the ioStation 24c to use as pictured below. 

You should now have a custom Reaper control using the ioStation 24c. 

Please refer to Cockos for Reaper documentation and support as they have provided this custom implementation. 

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answered Jun 10, 2020 by davidjefferson2 (140 points)
I also bought the iOstation 24c and cannot use it with Reaper.  Have you found any solution?  I'm seriously considering returning it if I can't use it at all with Reaper.