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Quick Zoom w/ Mouse Scroll + Modifier (Bitwig)

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asked Jan 14, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by rickycooke (4,960 points)
Zooming in and out can be a lot quicker and more precise with the ability to zoom in and out with a modifier key(s) and scrolling up and down with the mouse. This type of quick scrolling has been implemented in Bitwig Studio from the beginning. It's extremely quick and efficient, definitely one of the things I miss since moving over to Studio One. What's even better is the zooming is inertial (or momentum) based which is great for zooming very quickly and accurately. If you're a Mac user, using the Mighty Mouse with this type of zooming is absolutely incredible.

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answered Jan 17, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,630 points)
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Zooming in with a modifier key can be done in Studio One 3. CTRL+Mouse wheel will zoom in vertically making the tracks bigger for more detail in the waveforms. CTRL+Shift+Mouse wheel zooms in horizontally showing more details in the waveforms.

On Mac the same can be done by holding Command and using a two finger scroll for vertical or horizontal zoom.
asked Nov 30, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by jojokozy (670 points)
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