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Studio One does not record together with NI Maschine MK3 and NI Komplete Kontrol S25

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asked Sep 20, 2019 in Studio One 4 by ray995 (130 points)
edited Sep 20, 2019 by ray995
Hi there

I've got the latest version of Studio One Professional (version installed on my Mac Book Pro (MacOS Mojave, latest updates installed). I'm using my DAW together with Native Instruments Maschine MK3 and Komplete Kontrol S25 both running on NIs latest software.

When I use Maschine as a plugin in Studio One and when I hit the Record button on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard, the Record Button on Maschine lights up and records into Maschine but not Studio One. Furthermore any control button on Maschine and on KK are somehow linked together. When I hit Play on my keyboard, Play on Maschine lights up. When I hit Play on Maschine nothing happens, when I press Record on Maschine, the Rec button on the keyboards lights up but nothing will be recorded.

TL;DR: When I remove the Maschine instrument plugin and use another plugin e.g. a Studio One instruments like Presence syntheziser, I can record again without any issues via my KK keyboard.

Does anyone know what might cause this issue between the DAW and both NI devices? Thanks.

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answered Jan 19, 2020 by richardvenneman (160 points)
I would also like to know since I am thinking about getting Studio One 4. I would hate to purchase it and have my Maschine MK3 used as a paperweight.  

Thank you.
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answered Sep 12, 2020 by jeremiahdavis1 (180 points)
You might have to assign it manually.