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S1.4.5.1 Tempo mapping is retained when audio transformed to instrument

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asked Oct 6, 2019 in Studio One 4 by resonantmodes (290 points)

I create an audio tempo map (for a transformed bass instrument), then time stretch another transformed (from keyboard instrument to audio) - the latter syncs to the tempo map.  Both tracks are created using Presence.  Then I want to edit the new keyboard MIDI as aligned with mapped bass downbeats.  So I transform it back to an instrument track.  At that point, it retains the tempo of the map - the MIDI notes are stretched/shrunk to conform to the mapping.  I was rather hoping that the keyboard MIDI would retain the same character it has when all downbeats are aligned to the mapped bass audio.  Any way this can happen?  What's more distressing is that transforming the keyboard MIDI back to audio (with no editing) still retains the tempo mapping and no longer aligns with bass.  Whether the MIDI is in Beats or Seconds before transform - and whether after transform, it is set to Timestretch, Follow or Don't Follow.  So track event becomes useless.  Beats the hell outa me.  Thanks for any insights.

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answered Oct 9, 2019 by resonantmodes (290 points)
This is same behavior - but re-translated: I create a song with Presence bass/keys, drum loops and vocal.  It's 4/4 but the 4 bars don't start on downbeat.  So, I add corrections via Tempo Track (very cool) and all tracks are synced to it.  I want to change the bass line so I transform it back to Instrument.  Before I make any changes, I play the MIDI (Presence) bass line - but it no longer aligns with Tempo Track .  Then I transform it back to audio and it still doesn't sync - Timestretch, Follow, Don't Follow - no sync.  In fact, it never syncs again to Tempo Track.  Missing something? - Bug? - Not implemented? - Sure like to know - there's nothing in Manual - a couple of maybe related questions - but no answers.