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How can I use Notion 6 with 8dio Requiem

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asked Oct 7, 2019 in Notion by dumitrudabija (200 points)
Hi - I am trying to use Notion 6 with 8Dio Requiem Pro via Kontakt.

Is there a way to assign different VST instruments to the same staff? In Kontakt, in order to get the correct sound, I need to use different instruments in Requiem. So is there a way to have a normal vocal score in Notion and have Kontakt play different sounds (ooh, aah etc) on various notes?

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answered Oct 8, 2019 by TechSupport77 (195,400 points)
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You can do an instrument change in the program using shift+i and select the desired channel for each instrument change.  Unfortunately, you can not have mutliple channels at the same point in time in your score, so the answer would be no, you cannot have different lines playing different patches, provided that the patches are from different libraries using different channels.
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answered Oct 8, 2019 by dumitrudabija (200 points)
Thank you for your reply. So the best option to use Notion with a choir VST such as 8dio is to stick to whatever instrument I have in 8dio for one staff? They have several options but unfortunately from what I see, to combine different vowels I need to use different patches/instruments.