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How do I split tape-in audio playback into stereo in Series 3 studiolive

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asked Oct 6, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by jayviedb (560 points)
Does anyone know how I can split the audio from tape-in into stereo. We have a choir accompaniment dvd we are playing back from a pc connected via analog tape-in into our Series III studiolive. (We do have a separate pc also connect via usb). Both pc are routed to tape-in input on the studiolive. The issue is, tape-in channel is combined into 1 channel. It does not have two separate faders to control left and right. When we playback the choir dvd, we would like to control the voice audio separate from the music audio which is usually left or right. We used to be able to do this via windows WDM control when we had the previous Studiolive. Is there anything i can do to achieve this? Perhaps via digital patching? Or any other means? Please post any instructions you may have. Thanks!!

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answered Oct 10, 2018 by benpierce (99,400 points)
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If you are playing back over USB, the Tape in is USB 37 & 38. You can use digital patching to patch USB 37 & 38 to any other 2 faders that you want. I don't think there is a way to split the RCA input though.