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asked Oct 9, 2019 in UC Surface / Qmix by dalemoates1 (150 points)

Important macOS 10.15 Catalina Notice

Apple is poised to release its next operating system, macOS X 10.15, “Catalina,” sometime in October of 2019. PreSonus has been working with Apple to qualify pre-release versions of this new OS with all of our products. 

We have found changes in Catalina that affect compatibility with PreSonus hardware and software. Because of this, please remain on current versions of macOS until further notice. We ask that you please wait for us to announce compatibility before updating your OS. 

We will provide an update when we have qualified 10.15 for use with our products. We will let you know what updates are needed to ensure proper compatibility. 

To learn more about PreSonus 10.15 Compatibility please refer to our knowledge base here.  

Thank you!

PreSonus Team

What about the update for the iPad now known as IPadOS 13.1.2  will that  affect UC ? 

We had a perfectly functioning iPad years ago and your update made it obsolete.  

Most of the time, can’t go backwards.... 

You should be clearer on your statements, this one only references IMac or MACBook computer updates at the same exact time the iPad OS is released.  So what is the answer to my original question?