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Subgroup to Aux conversion routing issue

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asked Oct 14, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by mattweber1 (210 points)
Working with a studiolive 64s.  Ran into an issue which seems like a firmware bug but maybe its a "feature".  I had a subgroup routed to the center channel.  I converted the subgroup to a post sends aux.  After changing to an aux I found that the mix was still routed to the center channel but there was no way to change this.  Once I converted back to a subgroup I could once again see/alter the mains routing.    Changing to an aux and back to group wiped out the subgroup channel assigns.  I believe changing from subgroup to aux should remove the mains routing to l/r and center especially since there is no way to change this until switching back to subgroup.

Am I missing why this would be intended behavior?

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