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Cannot activate my software after OS, error messages (after 15 tries)

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asked Oct 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by nilahagood1 (130 points)
iMac desktop running Mojave, less than 3 years old.  Had to erase OS because, according to Apple Geniuses, Studio 1 software was the likely culprit causing frequent crashing.  

Uninstalled and reinstalled, after research, the Universal Control.

Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times Studio 14 Artist.  Tried activating it more than a dozen times, nothing happens, or I get a pop up windows saying "My Presonus says 'issue'" and, if I wait long enough, admits failure.

When I open S14 and my preset template, I get "MISSING DEVICES, MIXTOOL" so recording is not going to be as I wish it to be. The only good news is that the crashing seems to have been alleviated, but that is probably because the software is not activated?

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