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Can't update from Artist to Professional. Key-code not working. Forum answers not helping.

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asked Jun 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by christianburneo (210 points)
edited Jun 8, 2020 by christianburneo
I have the exact same problem regarding not being able to update from Artist to Pro. Tried with the 28 digit-code and no ticking in the box "purchased" but it still wouldn't work. When I introduce the code in mypresonus profile to  update the artist version, it lags and won't do anything further. Doesn't give a negative nor a positive reply. When I try it in the software, I get a message saying "You need to supply the product key for the product you want" or "Provided product can't be upgraded with that key". The solutions provided in this forum don't seem to be working either. Help.

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answered Aug 8, 2020 by nneilmctavish (610 points)
I have this problem too. It's with an upgrade to Studio One 5 Professional though.
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answered Dec 21, 2020 by samdefriese (220 points)
I have the exact same problem.  I have studio 5 artist!  I upgraded to Studio 5 Professional.  The download is the same as "Artist" and it won't let me activate.  I follow the instructions to the exact letter for both online and offline activation.  It even comes back sometimes as,

"you've already activated this product".

I still only have Artist as the software available to me even though it shows I have purchase the upgrade and it gives me the upgrade key.
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answered Dec 22, 2020 by willdimar (260 points)
PROBLEM SOLVED - After purchasing your upgrade from within the PreSonus website, you will see your download history in the PRODUCTS menu along with a Registration Key.

But first… make sure to REGISTER your new product with big YELLOW button that says REGISTER A PRODUCT.  This button may be near the top of the product page you are currently in.  If not, you can also find it by selecting your HOME menu.  Wherever that yellow button shows, just register it.  For convenience, copy and paste your new number somewhere in your computer for later use… or keep your webpage open on another tab to copy...  for later.  (Or copy it to a pad in your computer)

After registering, now head back to your PRODUCTS menu and find your newly purchased product and download the INSTALLER.  I don’t think this installer actually overwrites because after install, it doesn’t ask for your new product key?  (As is common with so many other companies. This is most likely their anti-piracy feature… and thus the headache.)  

After you do the new install, make sure you are connected to the internet.  Open the program.  You most likely will be in the older version.  Select the Studio One drop menu in the Finder (Mac).  You should see a few different options.  

- Studio One Activation
- Studio One Installation
- Studio One Extensions
- Back Up and Restore
- Activate Purchased Items
- Sign Out

Select: ‘Activate Purchased Items’.  Now THIS is where is gets glitchy because it’s entirely counter intuitive.  

A window will open that says: “Welcome! To authorize this computer for the use of Studio One, please select your version and activate it below.”  

(I was upgrading from Prime, so yours might read a little different but it doesn’t matter for this.).

Whatever your options simply select: “Activate My Purchased Version of Studio One.”  Now…

Both a new and old Product key window should show.  In the ‘old product key window’ it should automatically fill in.  If not… you’ll need it to put in.  In the new product key window, simply copy and paste your new one.  

Now… between these two windows for the keys is a check-off box that reads:  “I have purchased an upgrade of Studio One.  ”DO NOT CHECK IT!!!!  That is where the glitch lays.  Leave it empty and then hit the green ACTIVATE button.  Your upgrade should begin.  

Thoughts:  WHY on earth is that question asked?  It makes no sense and only adds to a problem.  For if you have the necessary codes that should be sufficient.  And furthermore, why should it be left unchecked if you just upgraded?  It’s entirely counter-intuitive and honestly I only discovered it by seeing what would happen if left unchecked.  

PreSonus… so far I’ve really enjoyed your product but PLEASE tighten this up.  So far, I haven’t seen this addressed in the proper help section nor in the forums.
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answered Mar 3, 2021 by sethgolubchik (140 points)
I had this problem as well and here's what I did to finally get it working.  In the spot where you enter the product key of your new purchase, click on the arrow down and it will say show my existing product keys.  Click on the key of your new purchase and then click activate.   

What I had been doing previously was copying and pasting into that box. That doesn't work.  No copy and paste
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answered May 13, 2021 by johnhixson1 (280 points)

A Big Thanks to Willdimar.  

It was leaving the  “I have purchased an upgrade of Studio One.” UNCHECKED that was the final light bulb moment for me.  After that everything worked as expected.

Thanks again.