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Mixer knob makes one channel more quiet when I turn it more playback on STUDIO 24c

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asked Oct 27, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by aevkcfqy (120 points)
I have STUDIO 24c and microphone Audio-Technica AT2035. (Windows 10)

When the mixer knob is turned to "Inputs" I can hear hear myself from the both channels and no any other sounds. Well, it works as designed. But when I turn the knob to the right (to get more playback) sounds not mixing, they just separate between channels. Mic signal to the left channel and playback sounds to the right channel. When my mic connected to the 2nd input, channels just swapping. It's impossibly uncomfortable in headphones.

Also I was trying to change input format for 1 channel but this option is locked in "Universal Control" app.

How I can get mic signal to the both channels BEFORE recording and unlock input format option or just better to bring it back and buy something new or I just need an xlr Y-cable


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