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SM57 recorded vocals are extremely quiet, i'm using Studio 24C

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asked Jun 19, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by mohammedalimisselmany (120 points)
Hey guys im a complete noob when it comes to audio interfaces and mics. I recently purchased a Studio 24C audio interface and a Shure SM57 mic. When I try to record vocals on FL studio they are very quiet and small. The input levels for my mic volume on the interface shows very low volume unless i speak really loudly.

I'm not sure if the mic itself is very low or if it's a software problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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answered Jun 19, 2021 by timgillespie1 (140 points)
I have a similar problem!  I have used CAKEWALK for years and often live audio (especially vocals) gets inputted/recorded with relatively low volume, and I then have to "normalize" in CAKEWALK for the vocal line to appear more loudly on the track (I am not using powered mics and phantom power).  This occurs even when I turn my PRESONUS AR16 volume knob up high, way past the U mark, and even when I sing fairly loudly and close to the mic.  Indeed, I had this problem before I switched to the AR16, but I found workarounds (at least when I turned up the gain and phones, I could hear the vocal line fairly well in real time), whereas the problem is more stubborn with the AR16 (I'm having a hard time hearing the vocal line in the phones even when the mic input and the phone volumes are maxed out).  Part of the resulting vocal track then ends up including quite a bit of "room" noise (because I turned the input up so much).  I would prefer to record the mic input on a relatively low setting so that the mic picks up mainly the voice and excludes most of the room noise.  When I do this, however, I can barely hear the vocal input, even if I turn the phones volume all the way up.  I'm guessing this might have something to do with a setting on CAKEWALK, but I'm afraid it might be something more related to the AR16.  Is there something I can do (either on the mixer or within some settings on my computer)?  Failing this hunch, I suppose I'll have to pursue something in CAKEWALK...or maybe invest in a more expensive mic?  Would appreciate any advice (even if you refer me to other existing threads)!