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Windows 10 is not booting up when Studio 24C is connected.

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asked Apr 14, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by alexjeli (140 points)
Hello. I need some advice.

I do use iMac 27-I5 with Presonus Studio 24C. Everything is working under Mac OS.

I also do use Windows 10 via boot camp at the same iMac.

The issue is that Windows is not booting up when the device is connected to USB-C port.

It fails several time and then runs its internal recovery procedure.

I managed to install all needed drivers under Windows but issue is that I only may boot

ether in safe mode with device connected or with normal mode but device unplugged.

The Mac OS boots up with device connected and without device connected.

I would like to know if there is anything I may do to allow Windows 10 to start up with device always stay connected.

I wonder if anybody else with similar hardware configuration every had this issue, or I'm just alone soul with this...


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answered Sep 12, 2023 by jasonrobertson7 (230 points)
it dosent show in the list at all  i could send you screen shots.  there is a generic windows audio