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Proper way to use External Preamps with Presonus Studiolive mixers for professional live recording

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asked Nov 1, 2019 in Ai Mixers by davidbartolomei (380 points)
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Hi, I have been recording live concerts with the presonus 32 ai mixer and capture to work them later on studio one 4 ready to mastering. The thing is I want to achieve to record more professional sound using external preamps during performances. I bought a focusrite clarett octopre preamp to run the vocals through it. What could be the proper way to use external preamps for this aplications. I have heard that you can bypass the mixers preamps if you connect the instruments to the line in inputs. Not sure if this is the case with presonus mixers and I would like to know if would be recommended to bypass the mixer preamps and only use the external preamp or double preamp everything. 

Also would like recommendations on the gain controls of the console and ext. preamp

Will appreciate any knowledge on this, thanks!

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answered Nov 1, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
There are two "presonus 32 ai mixers", the SL 32.4.2AI console and the RM/RML32AI rack mixer. Only the console has dedicated line inputs, the RML32AI has 8 "combo jacks", which are mic/line inputs. The line inputs bypass the preamps automatically, but there could be some kind of gain trim - or not. It seems you will need a special adaptor cable to connect the analog outputs of the interface to the line inputs of the mixer. In this kind of setup I would expect a relatively low signal arriving at the mixer, so you probably have to raise gain in the interface to an appropriate level. It may be that this affects the sound somehow, but hear yourself. Just look for enough level going to mixer and recording. The red clip indicator is adjusted to -3 dB before clipping.