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Custom Disk Allocation

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asked Nov 3, 2019 in Recording by markeysemundy (850 points)
I've came over from the Pro Tools world, and one thing I would like to see in Studio One is a custom disk allocation.

For example, if I'm doing a session with a larger track count, in high resolution, data will hammer the disk that it is recording too, especially if you have an mechanical drive. Or even just to balance out the load to have your software stay more stable by not having to try and access from just one drive, and have better throughput.

So like I can have 15-20 tracks of drums and bass tracks on Disk one, Vocals and Gtr on Disk two, etc. Studio One can allocate the disk and locations as one, and there should be a function too to combine them into one again if transporting on a portable drive for editing.

I feel this may greatly help, especially on larger sessions, post work, etc., and give the operator more flexibility on workflows.

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