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16.0.2 firewire no audio

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asked Nov 7, 2019 in FireStudio Series by Willax (380 points)
I've been using the 16.0.2 classic (firewire) with StudioOne for years.  I have it setup in UC as WDM output going to channels 15/16.

Lately I've been getting a 60 cycle type hum with audio and today power went out and on reboot, it no longer worked with that setup.  

I was able to connect the audio out from the computer to an input on the mixer and got sound, but it no longer works with the WDM set as 15/16.  However I still have audio through Studio One 4 through the firewire connection.  I've googled with no success on this issue so was wondering what I may be missing on this setup.  Any ideas?

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