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Recording dry to sdcard studiolive 24 . Mixing afterwards with Studio One without transferring files.

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asked Nov 11, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by nucularaluminum (160 points)
Hello there, hopefully you are able to help me, or tell me it is not possible.
After watching all studiolive videos and reading all manuals i'm still confused on how to apply my workflow.
Searching the internet didn't help me either.
My Pc runs Windows 10 and Studio One 4, the mixer is a StudioLive 24 Series 3

I would like to use the mixer in the following way:
I bring the mixer to a jamsession, record all audio dry onto the SDcard. I save the session and audio etc.
Back home I connect to my PC with all the StudioOne software, import the session and mix the songs on the mixer.

If i'm not mistaken this can be done without transferring all data. (at least thats what they say in a video)
So i can use the software to easily navigate the recording whilst using the faders from the mixer to write automation e.g.

But how is this done? Where can i import the recorded sdcard session without having to manually set i/o ports and transferring data from the sdcard.

I hope it's just a shift-right-click action :)
Thanks, Arend

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answered Nov 11, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
selected Nov 11, 2019 by nucularaluminum
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SD card and Studio One/DAW Mode are completely different things. You CAN play SD tracks back to the mixer (the command in the menue changes all inputs of the mixer automatically) and mix the tracks and possibly record Main L/R on SD card, but this happens outside (!) Studio One.

If you want to use Studio One, you have to transfer the recorded files from SD card to your computer, which needs a SD card slot in your computer or some kind of adaptor. It is also possible to transfer the "scene file" (the mixer's settings) from SD card to Studio One, but it makes more sense to start from scratch and import the WAV files (named 0, 1, 2, 3...) into Studio One, add track names, add processing, add effects, write automation etc.

DAW Mode simply means that what is happening in Studio One is "physically represented" on the StudioLive mixer. You're not using the mixer's processing (this is only an option). The faders and encoders "belong" to Studio One and simply do what the DAW does. Moving a fader by the mouse is replaced by moving a fader on the mixer, but all audio is handled in the computer, not in the mixer.

Hope this helps to see things a little bit clearer... ;-)