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How can I choose Mix 1/2 in Monitor edit on StudioLive24 which is sending Mix 1/2 to a SL16R in stagebox mode?

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asked Nov 15, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by chrisdenby1 (250 points)
I have a StudioLive24 which is connected to a SL16R set as a stagebox.

I have Mix 1/2 setup as a headphone mix but it's routed to the to AVB41 and into the stagebox where I have a headphone amp plugged into Mix Output 1&2. The headphones are working fine with this setup.

But when I want to hear what the headphones hear in the control room, I expect to click "Monitor Edit" on the StudioLive24 and choose Mix1/2 to have my speakers portray what the musician is hearing in the studio. However, it is silent.

I'm assuming this is because the Mix 1/2 is routed to the stagebox and therefore it can't be retrieved in the StudioLive24 at the Monitor Level.

I've tested with Universal control by toggling the Digital patching for Mix 1/2 between analog and avb and it's definitely the issue. As soon as I switch to analog, the monitor starts playing the headphone mix for me. I'm not clear as to why the monitor would be unable to pick up the mic 1/2 even if it is patched to network.

Is there a solution to this?

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answered Nov 15, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
I suppose the SL 24 is standing in the control room and the speakers are connected to the "Monitor Out" ports. When selecting the SL 24's "Edit Monitors" button, you will see the "Monitor Edit" menue and you should now select "Monitor" as the output destination you want to work on. When you select "Main" you will hear the general mix, when selecting linked Mix 1 and Mix 2 you will hear the aux mix in stereo. Do not forget to turn up the volume encoder for the monitor outputs. ;-)

The stagebox (SL 16R) should not play any role in this setting, because everything is handled via the SL 24.
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answered Nov 15, 2019 by chrisdenby1 (250 points)
Wahlerstudios - that's not what I'm finding. Because the Mix 1 and 2 are routed to the stage box, the mixes don't play into the monitor of the SL24. As soon as I un-route those from network and back to Analog, the Monitor picks up the signal.
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answered Nov 15, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
What do switch between Analoig and Network? This is an option only for input channels, but it has nothing to do with the Monitor section.

I just added a 32R to my SL 16 and set it to Stagebox Mode, connected one stereo headphone amp to outputs 1+2 of the 32R and one stereo headphone amp to the Monitor Outputs of the SL 16, linked flex mixes 1+2 and sent a stereo signal (radio) to linked channels 9+10 (jack inputs). I hear everything everywhere and I don't know what could be a reason making such a basic set-up not working. Honestly, I have no idea.

Maybe you should reset project and scene (separate!), make a Master Reset of Digital Patching and start everything from scratch. It WILL work this way, I am sure. ;-)
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answered Nov 15, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
Everything works also when I use the 32R as stagebox (plug the music into channels 9+10). Of course, then I have to switch input sources of channels 9+10 from Analog to Network, but for the monitoring options it doesn't matter where the signal comes from.