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Always show Faderport Fader Level vs. Pan

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asked Nov 17, 2019 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by joshuajohnston (270 points)
Using a Faderport 8.

Based on not finding an option to do this (and based on the corresponding description in the user manual), I'll ask the question first, but presumably it's a feature request

Is it possible to always display the fader level gain in the Channel Strip display?  Instead of the Pan level by default?

Using Faderport for mixing live sound, so having the channel displays show the static Pan value is more or less useless and/or don't care--the fader levels however are dynamic and very much of interest (but they get hidden after each adjustment).  Currently you have to touch a fader if you want to know exactly what that particular channel level is set at--it would be nice if the levels were just displayed across the top in with a digital readout for each channel.

i.e., Feature request would be an option to show Pan levels by default (current behavior), or set to show Fader levels by default (new).

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