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Can the fader touch/release unity reset on FaderPort 8/16 be disabled?

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asked Dec 11, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by peterbaird (910 points)
Many of us use the FaderPort 8/16 in Shift Lock mode full time in order to have the User and Function keys always available (I'm constantly moving between console scenes on the three User keys).  Unfortunately that means a brief touch and release of a fader saddle when in Track mode will reset the fader to Unity, which can be super annoying when mixing.

Perhaps a press and hold of the associated channel Select button along with a touch and release of the saddle would make more sense as a way to reset the fader to unity.  It would require two separate actions to reset the fader, which would go a long way toward eliminating accidental fader resets.


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answered Mar 9 by peterbaird (910 points)
Fixed in 5.2.  Whether you're working in in Normal (Shift light off) or Shift (Shift light on) the fader now doesn't reset with a saddle touch.  If you need it to reset, hold down Shift and touch the saddle.  Even better idea than holding down Select.  Thanks devs!