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Inputs and outputs identical in I/O studio 1 professional

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asked Dec 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by nicmerenz (120 points)
Might be a strange issue.  And I can’t find anywhere if it’s a glitch or some setting I have missed.      Former pro tools HD user.   No problem tracking or recording or getting playback.   But when setting up a headphone mix.  I go into the I/O tab and set up a new signal flow.  Check it as a cue mix. And in sends there it is.  Full control for level and pan.   But in the output tabs.  It just shows channel 1-64.   I have no clue where to physically plug in my headphone amp.   I would like it on a aux out on the back of the series three console.  Why do those physical outputs not show up in the outputs tab to route cue one to them?

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