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Why won't my Studio 192 HP outputs work during Z operation?

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asked Oct 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by geofhodgkinson (160 points)
i7, 32GB, Studio One 4.5, Studio 192 and DP88, all software fully updated

I run L5/6 and L7/8 as cue mix outputs going to 2 headphone amps out to the studio. I had assumed that the Phones buttons in the S1 Console would let me monitor both L5/6 and L7/8 - i.e listen to the same mix as the musicians are hearing. Not so!

In non-Z they output a signal that appears to be one of the Line Outs, although clicking the choose buttons does nothing and even UC seems unsure about which one is being output.  In Z (surely normal for recording?) they output nothing!

Fortunately, I can monitor the cue mixes later in the cue chain so this is not critical ... just perplexing, especially as Butch the all-powerful Presonus support guy (who has been incredibly helpful at other times) seems beaten by the issue.

For me this is a logical use of the Phones outputs on the 192.

My questions are: has anyone else experienced this?  Is it normal? If so, what is the point of the Phones option in the S1 console?

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answered Jul 6, 2020 by carljensen (140 points)
Just purchased the Studio 192 and am having the same issue with the headphone outputs muting when blue z mode is enabled. I have cue mixes setup and working as expected with dedicated output pairs assigned to the headphone outputs in universal control. As soon as blue z is enabled, silence on both headphones.

As with the original poster, if I route the physical outputs to an external headphone mixer everything works as intended but in my setup this is not convenient. I'm wondering if this is a design flaw or if there is a way to get this to work. Hoping someone else will chime in with some more info.