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Delete duplicate midi note in V4

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asked Dec 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by lyndsaydaltoe (760 points)
Hi. I have just upgraded from v3 Artist to v4 Pro. In version 3, there was an editing tool in the midi editor (piano roll) which allowed you to delete duplicate midi notes. I use to be able to select all the notes in an event and delete the duplicates that may have been 'hiding' underneath a second note on the piano roll. This was very helpful when merging, gluing or combining (copy/paste) multiple midi parts which have note overlaps.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find this tool in v4 Pro. Does anyone know what happened to this tool??

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answered Mar 15, 2020 by eligordin (580 points)
You need to use the "delete notes..." function.  If you are in the quantize toolbar and you click "action" it will be available in the drop down menu, or if you right click on a midi track or notes and hit "musical functions" you will see "delete notes..."

once you click "delete notes..." a menu will pop up and you can select "delete double notes" - which is the same as duplicate notes.