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Like FL Studio, Note Actions Should Update the Piano Roll in Real Time

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asked Feb 8, 2020 in MIDI Editing by robertgray3 (38,630 points)

The Musical Editing features and Note Actions such as “Length” “Velocity” “Humanize” “Randomize Notes” “Mirror Notes” “Fill With Notes” “Fill Out Notes” “Distribute Notes” and all the rest that operate with pop up windows should reflect their changes in real time, depending on the settings, so the user can hear what each setting will do before committing.

For functions with randomness just add a button with a Dice icon that the user can hit to re-randomize or re-generate the results before committing them

Example of how this works (very well) in FL Studio:

I feel like there was a request for this with like 15 votes or something but searching the Answers page is such a mess I can’t find it.

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